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Zinc\'zink\ n,: A bluish white crystalline metallic element.

As an element zinc occurs naturally in the foods we eat. It is the second most common trace metal, after iron, found in the human body.

Zinc can be found in many common products including vitamins, cereals, cosmetics, pet foods, paints, fertilizers, tires, batteries, soaps, and pharmaceuticals.

It is the third most used nonferrous metal after aluminum and copper. The United States consumes more than one million metric tons annually.

When alloyed with about 4 percent aluminum and very small amounts of magnesium and copper, casting alloys are created that possess two thirds the strength of mild steel.

Staked Casting DUCTILITY...

With the combination of good casting design and properly engineeried secondary tooling, zinc alloys possess the ductility necessary for forming operations such as bending, staking, and crimping.   Assemblies joining two castings or attaching other components to a casting are commonly done.   Numerous component designs utilize formed or roll-crimped edges to secure assemblies.

Staked Assembly


Zinc castings are easily finished. Commercial chrome plating over a well polished casting produces a durable and attractive finished part. Nickel plating, brass, chromates, E-coats, and paints are also commonly applied.

See the ABCO Powder Coating page for more information on coating.

Chromed light
Chromed casting

Threaded parts MACHINABILITY...

Zinc castings are also easily machined.  While many details such as external threads can be cast,  when a machined thread is required, both external threads and tapped holes can be readily performed on zinc with good consistency and minimal tool wear.

Milling operations to surface or add non-castable undercuts, for example, are routine.   Reaming and boring to close tolerances are also common operations.

Machined pump
The attributes mentioned above, as well as others, make
zinc alloys a good material choice in many engineering applications.

We recommend a visit to the following Eastern Alloys, Inc. site
for detailed Zinc Alloy specifications.

Zinc Alloys

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