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Environmentally friendly...
While the powder coating process has been in existence for many years, the worldwide emphasis on environmental concerns has propelled powder coating to the forefront of coating technology where it remains today benefiting from continuing advances in application technology and polymer formulation.

The obvious environmental and economic advantage in powder coating is the absence of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) normally used in liquid coatings. Volatile emissions continue to be an area of intense regulation on all governmental levels and the subsequent high cost of capital equipment required to mitigate these emissions is ever increasing. Beyond capital cost, this equipment is very costly to operate; resulting in the added inefficiencies associated with exhausting "conditioned" air. Waste disposal, transport, and storage of solvents is troublesome, to say the least.

Powder coatings have no VOC emissions. Once passed through internal filtering systems, exhausted air need not be removed from the powder facility. The materials used are much safer to handle and transport without the inherent risks of solvents. Materials not adhering to the work are recycled for re-application while solvent borne coatings immediately become part of the waste stream. Almost all materials used in powder coatings are NOT classified as hazardous waste.

Coated Parts
Versatile coatings...
Many different formulations of powder are available for various end uses of the coated part.

At ABCO we predominantly use polyester urethane and epoxy thermosetting powders. These coatings develop a smooth film when cured that exhibits good adhesion, corrosion protection, and resistance to chipping and scratching. The epoxy powder is used in applications requiring immersion in fuels.

Our capabilities...
Our powder coating system is capable of handling parts up to 18" wide X 36" long. We do not powder coat only diecastings. Many of our customers send us sheet metal stampings, weldments, steel and aluminum plates up to 5/16" thick, and fabricated tubing.

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