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Some History...

Founded in 1971 by Vincent J. Vitollo in Newark, NJ,  ABCO grew from one start-up casting machine in a small facility to a collection of small buildings spanning almost a city block that housed casting, powder coating, warehousing, and general offices in separate facilities.

As growth continued, the unique city neighborhood character of ABCO became cumbersome as warehouse space was at a premium and handling the volume of truck traffic and material grew increasingly difficult.  The facilities were totally jammed with work-in-process being staged outdoors daily to create workspace.  The company desperately needed to expand to a larger facility.

In 1994, a serious search was started for new quarters.  By January of 1998, all departments except powder coating moved into the new facility.  By the end of summer, 1999, a brand new powder coating line was installed and operational.  Consolidation of all departments was complete and the "old ABCO" was no more!

Since 2001, additional casting machine capacity and robotics have been added, as well as CNC equipment for the secondary department.

ABCO Today...

We are currently occupying 66,000 square feet of our six acre facility which totals over 100,000 square feet of space.  Our departments and their respective sizes are listed below.

Casting 18,000 Ft2
Secondary 25,000 Ft2
Powder Coating 10,000 Ft2
Warehousing 13,000 Ft2
Offices 5,000 Ft2
Our die casting machines range in size from 4x4 multi-slide machines at 11 tons clamping pressure up to 650 tons; all hot chamber zinc.  These are supported by 10 Kawasaki robots, numerous hydraulic trim presses, secondary machining centers, and several assembly centers.
Casting Department

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